The Victim

From watching one of Seth Godin’s presentations, I somehow found the following video:

Most kids have that one Disney film that really defined their childhood. Mine was The Lion King. It is my favourite movie to this day.

The above video really shifted my paradigm. Like most people, I have always branded Scar as the “bad guy”. I have never actually thought about Scar’s life, and how his early experiences  may have molded his character. After watching the video, I realised that there is actually a deeper truth, namely that in every criminal lies a victim. In every “Scar” there lies a little “Taka” crying out for understanding. Scar’s actions were unforgivable, however it is important for us to view the Scars of the world with a more refined lens. Only then perhaps can we prevent the creation of more Scars in the world.


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