Monthly Archives: November 2015

Some weeks ago, through¬†HaikuJAM¬†I was connected to Saad, a 21 year-old poet from Syria. Saad is currently seeking refuge in the Netherlands- he is living in a gym with 25 other refugees. His family are still in Syria… I am currently en route to the city of Rotterdam to meet Saad in person.

This is a very special trip for me. I cannot even begin to describe how much of an impact Saad’s story has had on my perspective. Saad was studying English Literature in Syria, but he was unable to graduate. Graduation is only permitted to those who joined the regime’s army but Saad refused to kill his own people; he believes that wars should be won through the take up of pens, not arms. His weapons are Art, Poetry and Education.

His resolve and belief truly restores one’s faith in the world. I have not experienced even a fraction of his hardships. I imagine that such struggles would cause disillusionment and depression in most men… But Saad is so full of light and life. He is an inspiration.

It is such an honour to know Saad and I am unbelievably excited to spend the next few days with him!