Meditation, Verse,
Code and the promise of JAM
Each layer my life

Dhrupad Karwa cares deeply about the fusion of art, technology and human collaboration. He is the co-founder and CEO at HaikuJAM, a seed funded technology company in the digital creative space. He read Economics at University College London (UCL), and graduated in 2013. Since the age of 14, Dhrupad has lead innovative ventures, ranging from a newspaper business, centring on positive journalism, to developing an online, automated utility bill management service. He has worked in politics for Nirj Deva DL KMCO MEP and has delivered speeches at venues such as the European Parliament. He is a Fellow of the New Entrepreneurs Foundation (NEF) and Royal Society of Arts. He loves literature and is currently writing a novel in verse. Dhrupad also learns web and mobile technologies such as C, Objective-C and iOS.

He champions cross-domain learning and the cross-pollination of ideas. He is absolutely inspired by the prospect of working with and learning from passionate people, regardless of industry, so please feel more than free to get in touch.


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